The Art of Exploring New


Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There’s always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammarEVERYTHING!

Our group went to La Salle Dasmarinas to attend the 7th Annual Research Colloquium. It was a one day event, with an almost 2 hour talk in the morning and presentation of theses in the afternoon.

Stuck with the event inside the university, we managed to tolerate our hunger for almost 5 hours since none of us haven’t got their breakfast yet, due to the early call time from our thesis adviser. We somehow got our lunch late from the organizers, which was a problem for us kase naman kami ang unang magpepresent. It was so awkward and humiliating, since we haven’t got time to practice our lines and our presentation at pinasabak kami agad pagpasok na pasok namin sa room. I, myself, forgot my scripted words in front of our fellow presenters so I had to laugh a little and proceed to my scrambled thoughts. Humiliating right? Haha!






But anyways, as first timers I personally think we did a fine job. Hindi siya yung iniimagine namin or ineexpect namin but I think the main point there is we confidently and courageously submitted and presented our thesis from other university. I think my group mates and I are looking forward to another presentation in the future. Ha-ha!


Best Thesis Colloquium

“Do not settle for less, always aim for the best”

This is the quotation I never forget to remind to myself when it comes school works or finishing something. I never and will never settle for less or to what other people say “okay na yan”. I am never contented to that and never will be.


Today, we celebrated Valentines in front of a large crowd presenting our thesis. It was a new experience since we have never done that such thing, and to be honest nakakakaba siya at nakakapressure because there were third year Psychology students watching us, at kami ang pagbabasihan nila sa darating na title defense nila. 

Our group is known to be the most-chilled group mainly because we relax a lot and practice on the very morning of the defense. We always worry about the things we are going to say, pero we pull it off naman in front. Nakakaramdam kami ng kaba but we comfort ourselves with jokes, which we heavily laughed. In fact, 90% of our practice time is laughing and making fun of ourselves. #notbraggingjustsaying

(c) Rovie Manansala


“Team X-men: Transhuman did it! 💕🎉 So proud of you guys!”Divine, Leader

“※ Best thesis or not, im still proud of these weirdos. We may have fought/argue a lot (divine & jjang mostly), procrastinate, always do our tasks last minute, always asleep in the classroom instead of doing some research in the library (like our classmates), but look where we are now, who would’ve thought that we will make it this far? That the “Team Chill” will make it to the colloquium?? We may not bag the best thesis title, but the experience i have shared with you weirdos will be the “best” of all the best. Afterall it’s the experience that really matter. Thank you for almost 1 year of being groupmates, for all the ice creams & coffees & pizzas, until next time Team X-Men Trans-human.” – Love, AL (aka Dr. Grey)


“Congratulations guys!” “Lagi akong binubully ng mga yan” – Ma’am Bubbles

The person who inspired and motivated us through-out the journey.


“Criticism is good, how will you learn? Paano kayo matututo kung hindi walang criticism or feedback?”  -Ms. Malou, one of the panelist


“Don’t settle for less. Always expect for the worst. I was challenging you dati kaya ko binigay yon and nakikita ko naman yung effort niyo, nakikitaan ko kayo ng potential” – Sir Carlo, Adviser



Also, we didn’t won the best thesis (bummer) but we received a special thesis award, which we are also proud of. Haha.

This is colloquium for thesis was a great experience for us. We enjoyed every bit of it kahit na may part na kinabahan kami at hindi namin alam ang isasagot sa mga questions ng panelist namin. Our group is glad to see each other again and share the same platform. Until next time guys! Loves a lot ❤