Final Term

It's that time again for Finals, but this is really Final.  I'was truly a stressful month for us graduating students. We tried to managed our time to finish homework, study for exams and quizzes, do reports and especially, meet the deadlines for our major projects. Sobrang nakakastress kumilos ng kumilos para sa mga projects, kaya … Continue reading Final Term



Every course has their own struggles. They face and do complicated and somewhat boring tasks just to finish a major project - like research. For a Psychology major like me, this would probably the hardest part of doing research. What is it? A journal article. According to Michael Engle (2015), "Journal Article are written by scholars or professionals who are … Continue reading iStruggle

Psychology Says…

Mind readers, fortune tellers, weirdos - these are just some of the common misconception people think of students and professionals studying the world of the human mind. Psychology can sometimes be confusing but mind-blowing since you get unexpected results from different tests and experiments. Psychology. Psychology is a SYSTEMATIC STUDY of HUMAN BEHAVIOR and MENTAL PROCESSES. People taking up Psychology NEITHER read minds … Continue reading Psychology Says…