The Art of Exploring New


Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There’s always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammarEVERYTHING!

Our group went to La Salle Dasmarinas to attend the 7th Annual Research Colloquium. It was a one day event, with an almost 2 hour talk in the morning and presentation of theses in the afternoon.

Stuck with the event inside the university, we managed to tolerate our hunger for almost 5 hours since none of us haven’t got their breakfast yet, due to the early call time from our thesis adviser. We somehow got our lunch late from the organizers, which was a problem for us kase naman kami ang unang magpepresent. It was so awkward and humiliating, since we haven’t got time to practice our lines and our presentation at pinasabak kami agad pagpasok na pasok namin sa room. I, myself, forgot my scripted words in front of our fellow presenters so I had to laugh a little and proceed to my scrambled thoughts. Humiliating right? Haha!






But anyways, as first timers I personally think we did a fine job. Hindi siya yung iniimagine namin or ineexpect namin but I think the main point there is we confidently and courageously submitted and presented our thesis from other university. I think my group mates and I are looking forward to another presentation in the future. Ha-ha!


PAPJA 2017

This January 20-21, our school attended an event for all Psychology majors (minors) a.k.a PAPJA. It was our second time to attend this kind of event, and we somehow enjoyed our overall stay.


— of course I enjoyed PAPJA because of my so called “family” or the “sleepy heads” —





Part of the event was picking and attending a workshop on the second day. My friend and I attended a workshop about playback theatre, and it was an outstanding experience. Ms Joan Valbuena, our speaker, made us all do certain activities that was embarrassing at first, pero habang tumatagal okay na siyang gawin. 

can you see me? beside me is our speaker

— She was so confident about her knowledge; she knows what she was talking; she’s so passionate about her work (playback theatre). I like her, obvious ba? Haha! 

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Here are all the attendees of PAPJA 2017 (not naming them all):

all the fourth year Psychology students of LPU Cavite
3rd and 4th year Psychology students of LPU Cavite

There’s nothing much on this post. But I enjoyed the event. Too bad it’s our last time. Oh well, thank you!


Always choose to be happy without being selfish.


There are certain realizations that a person can have while doing the things they want. One realization I made this week, was the moment I tried reporting in front of a camera, and it’s anxiety over success. There are times in life that you just want to do those goals you wanted and not mind what others may think of you. At that moment I felt that!! I felt happy and satisfied with my life. I didn’t think of others judgments or the mistakes I’ve done while speaking in front. Mistakes choose no one and everybody makes mistakes. It’s just I have the courage to show mine to everyone and bravely face them after.

My life is pretty damn hard this time of the year, because of all the projects and life problems I am facing but when I get a chance like this I certainly grab it. I hope you do too!

PS: Thank you for GMA News TV for letting our school be part of your yearly event. Hope to see you next time.

Busy September!

Hey, so I may have mentioned this before on my previous blogs, but I still going to mention it again.

I’ve been studying for how many years and I have not experienced this kind of stress before. All my life, I enjoyed everything what people and the environment can offer but this semester, I can’t even use my time freely without any consequences on our paper works.

So a lot of you may be familiar with projects on finals. Yup, you read it right, PROJECTS. Our teachers or professors (because I am a college student and I should use it BLAH BLAH BLAH) gave us projects to manage for the whole semester last June 2015. But because of procrastination, here we are now..cramming. Hahahaha!

Our projects are not just projects that you can research on the internet and huzzah! Hello 90 or 100! It’s a lot more than you could think of. Our projects consist of constructing a test (like an IQ test, but it’s not), research paper and making or developing a psychological theory (what’s so ever). And it’s September!! We’re supposed to be getting ready for our Final Drafts today or this week, but here we are….. HAHA!

But here’s the fun part, my friend Justine, who basically is our driver for that day, took us to different places just to gather books, articles, unpublished or published thesis and any other references we could think of. We also used our spare time doing our introduction and review of related literature on different house (Justine’s and Amiel’s) and maximized all the time, even the night 😦 But we had an awesome night and day with them and their family.

Here are the photos we had during the road trip and the overnights.


Thank you guys!!

-Jm Nazareno Endico

My very first!


I have a list things that I want to do in my life, and donating my blood is part of those things.

Last year, our school organized a blood donation campaign and I cannot participate since I’m still a minor. Luckily, our school made it an annual activity that gave me a chance to donate this year cuz’ I eighteen now.

Our school organized two separate days to donate blood. The first donation happened last February, which I got pulled-out from my friends because of the medication I took for my coughs and colds. It was really disappointing for me, because weeks before the donation I already told everyone that I’m going to donate my blood and that I was excited about it. I even skip my class just for that.

The second donation happened this March 13. I ate a lot of sweets and drunk a lot of cold beverages, and I’m kinda expecting for some colds or maybe sore-throat days before the donation but nothing happened. Faith? Maybe. Hahaha!

Honestly speaking, I was nervous during the donation. I was encouraged by the woman who pinned the needle inside me and she also took a picture with me. She’s such a sweet woman. Haha!

I am glad that I have done an action that I am proud of and totally worthy. I am very sure that my first time will never be my last.