The Art of Exploring New

Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There's always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammar... EVERYTHING! Our group … Continue reading The Art of Exploring New


Always choose to be happy without being selfish.

There are certain realizations that a person can have while doing the things they want. One realization I made this week, was the moment I tried reporting in front of a camera, and it's anxiety over success. There are times in life that you just want to do those goals you wanted and not mind … Continue reading Always choose to be happy without being selfish.

Busy September!

Hey, so I may have mentioned this before on my previous blogs, but I still going to mention it again. I've been studying for how many years and I have not experienced this kind of stress before. All my life, I enjoyed everything what people and the environment can offer but this semester, I can't … Continue reading Busy September!