Final Term

It’s that time again for Finals, but this time…it is really Final. 

I’was truly a stressful month for us graduating students. We tried to managed our time to finish homework, study for exams and quizzes, do reports and especially, meet the deadlines for our major projects.

Sobrang nakakastress kumilos ng kumilos para sa mga projects, kaya ang laki ng pasasalamat ko sa mga tumulong at kumilos para sa mga final projects namin. Diba? Ang galing nila? 

Disclaimer: My friends and I didn’t involve too much on our project works mainly because, we are handling the League of United Psychology Students (Psychology Organization), and we don’t want to put an additional work and stress for us. Hehe!




This was our project from Training and Development. We had an actual simulation of what is happening during the training of HR Practitioners.



There were two groups for our Nihongo class, one group will wear the Yokata (as seen above) and the other group will wear a cosplay costume, which I don’t have any pictures. Sorry!

We had a magazine project from one of our major subject (Current Issues and Trends for Psychology). We were assigned to do a personality magazine. Sorry, I do not have a picture of our actual magazine.



We also did an HIV and AIDS Awareness seminar on our Physiological Psychology. This seminar was open to all students since we want everyone to be aware with HIV and AIDS.

Handling this kind of event was so stressing and frustrating, especially the paper works. Haha! But overall, we had so much fun doing this kind of activities. Thank you to all the people who organized these events.


Time Machine

Older folks have been repeatedly telling me to fix my mother’s garments since no one will be wearing them anyway.

In pure honesty, whenever I open my mother’s cabinet and see her clothes…I always ended up sobbing. I get these thoughts of her wearing those specific clothes. I remembered one duster that she wore while cooking my favorite meal, which is menudo. I also remembered few dusters that she wore while cleaning the house…

Nostalgic right? Haha!

But something happened while I forcefully tried to fix her clothes….I stumbled on my graduation photos from High School. And guess what? I cried! (shocker) Hahahaha!

The sadness. The anxiety. The memories. All in one! It took me 30 minutes to get over the pain of not seeing your mother on your graduation day. Sad 😦

I miss my mother very very very (so so so) much. And I can’t wait to tell her all the stories that happened after her death, during my on-the-job training days and the problems inside the house. Haha!

So here are some of the graduation photos:

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