Going to Venice Grand Canal Mall

Save moments, not money.

Right before school starts last week, my friends and I went on a trip to Taguig. We visited the famous Venice Grand Canal Mall, in which none of us haven’t stepped into. We were fascinate by the architecture of the place because of the similarities with Venice.

Going to the place wasn’t that difficult, or maybe it is? We don’t know. We first went to Alabang to eat Jollibee, dahil hindi pa kami nakakakain sa Jollibee at dahil hindi namin alam kung saan kami dadaan. We then took a grab taxi to take us there. We are not that comfortable with riding taxis and all, because of the issues and troubles people have been experiencing today. But the grab driver was nice. We didn’t talk much with him mainly because we are not that type of person at sadyang wala lang kami sa mood makipagusap nung mga oras na yon. But overall, he’s nice and accommodating.

We took endless of pictures in every spot. We tried changing the angle since everyone already done the same angle in every picture. And kahit sawang sawa na kaming magpicture, nagpipicture parin kami because every spot of the place is beautiful – close to perfection.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yey! Christmas!

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A little bit india-ny to me. Hahaha! But I love it. Thanks Lyka!

We rarely took pictures of us three because we’re more concern on taking our own pictures, and how lovely they can be our display pictures on social media or a picture with quotes on it (diba ang Jeje HAHAHA!)

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We ate on a restaurant named “Rice&Dough” in which the foods was delicious, but our tummies – and wallet – couldn’t take all our orders so we had to packed our ordered pizza home.

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We definitely entertained ourselves with this mini-adventure, and we are looking forward to going back to this place with more companion. Hahaha.

And by the way, this place is much more beautiful in the evening.


I could stay here forever and listen to some classical music. 


My friends (Keara and Yeye) and I spent our Independence Day at the top of a mountain. It was an exhausting but a great experience to celebrate a special holiday for the Philippines, even though we didn’t bring a flag with us.

Let me share with you guys a short story about what happened before the actual climb. It was supposed to happen before school starts, but Keara and I were having a hard time finding someone to accompany us, but days before the climb, I posted a climb in our Antioch group on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to climb, unfortunately only Yeye agreed and came along. 

11392946_1606716202939302_1584755482580103595_n 11391139_1606716716272584_2258081737729852970_n 11390111_1606716302939292_4404520729303027938_nEven though it’s only the three of us, we enjoyed the whole climb. We met lots of people, and got time to talk to them during the climb. There’s this man and that his group had been so nice to us and kept on motivating Yeye, who had a tough time, and we for our knees are suffering too. During the half of the climb, he insisted to take a picture of us and we also took a picture with him and his group

11390002_1606703679607221_7687832460865132082_n 11391401_1606708722940050_2944775113938690046_nWe also saw a man with his pit-bull, Iris. FACT ABOUT ME: I AM TERRIFIED WITH DOGS. So….. You know what happened when I saw a pitbull during the hike. Hahahaha. But Iris is kinda nice. Hehehe

We also encounter “Good morning”s. Oh, and there’s this rule whenever you go for a hike: ALWAYS GREET EVERYBODY!

Okay, so.. We met a lot of nice and cool people during the hike and at the top of Mt. Pico de Loro. And I think we gain a much, much closer friendship after the hike. I am hoping that next time, there will be more of us than more of them.