settling for less?

i just love meeting people to who has the same interest as me when it comes to life goals. 

i always believed that people should never settle for less. yet, only a few people believed in that statement, and most of the people likes to settle in their comfortable spot or their safe zones.

last night, my high school classmate told me that she is planning to take another coarse and take a master’s degree. i don’t know why, but it felt good hearing those kind of things from the people i know.

people value money so much that whenever they received a high salary, or a salary that will stabilize their life for a not so long time…they just give up on their dreams and not explore the beauty of living – learning.

this thought may somehow be debatable or may cause an argument..we people can’t and won’t deny that we like to settle for less or like to spend a very long inside our comfort zones. we hate being rejected, we hate failing and we hate being embarrassed. me too,i dont want those things to happen to me..but how can we grow if the only things we like to experience are the good stuff?

i have this ‘something’ (i’d like to keep it a private) where almost all the people there likes to hear positive things about the idea, they always wanted to hear the good stuff about their ideas that growth, is no longer present. we grow from our mistakes. when we learn to accept and try to correct those mistakes, those failures, and those rejections…we become a better person. we may not be the best, but we are better than our yesterday self.

going back to the story, i became that ‘nega’ person who sees the negative or comments negative things about an idea.

but honestly, i only try to think of the negative possible things that might be encountered, and how will the person or a group of people who thought of the idea handles the situation. you see, providing an idea is an easy is! but it’s the standing beside the decision that is hard. you can’t just a suggestion to someone and leave it to the people you gave it to. you must be there, because it’s your idea! right?

cut cut cut… to be continued, sorry!

Welcome 2016!

Happy 2016 everybody!

2015 was an incredible year. Yes, unpleasant things may have happened, but that does not mean that it’s the worst year right? It is always on how you view life. Believe me!

I welcomed 2016 with a wide smile on my face and with high hopes and expectations, that this will be better than 2015.

As I scroll down on my social media accounts, I saw most people using the very trendy hashtag #2016goals and #2016newyearresolution (and many more). Some people see this as an annoying action of people who conforms with what is on the trend, but forme…I see this as a good thing.Why? Because people are learning to embrace change in their lives (I want to explain this, but I want to stick to the topic).

Last 2014, I made my goals and resolutions for 2015 hours before the year ended. I planned the adventure that I wanted to do, the places I needed to go to and the attitude that I should portray. And guess what? Most of my goals didn’t happen! Hahahaha!

For 2015, Guess what? (again) I still haven’t planned anything yet.  It is because I started my year studying for the exams that I missed last year and the paper works that needed to pass to my group mates. Hahaha. But that’s alright. I only missed one week of the year. Hahaha!

So, right after I finished this blog post… I will be planning, organizing, writing and all those crazy stuff you do when working on a list of goals for the whole year.

One goal that I wanted to share is – posting one blog entry every week of the year. You see.. I really am not that good at blogging or expressing my thoughts through words. So this year, I’m forcing myself to push my limits- read books, learn more words, study the English grammar and any other more to be good at blogging. 

Sunday message

The world is crying for help and mercy, I am encouraging everyone of you to spread your love to everyone. Stop your judgments and selfishness for a day, and focus on what you can do for someone out there who needs your hand.

Today is a new day, new life and new opportunities. Grab those things with your hands wide open for comfort and with the mouth for compliments.

Have a Happy and Blessed Sunday everyone!