Glory to God!!!!

last saturday, my fellow church-mates and i attended a worship concert entitled “Relentless” at araneta coliseum.

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it was a fun, no. not just fun but overwhelmingly fun and blessed. kung hindi ako nagkakamali first year college pa lang, isa na sya sa mga goals ko in my adult life. and hindi ako nagsisisi na naghalf day ako sa review ko at hindi nagpaka”KJ”.

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there were tons of activities that happened – like talks, games and something that i don’t know what you call it but it’s like a talkshow segment. sorry!

// and even though i came late , i can certainly say that i learned something from their (yes, their!) talks and personal experiences as a believer. praise Him!

there were also skits and performances that i appreciate….but my personal favorite was the concert itself…i enjoyed jumping and singing along with those songs na nagpapagaang ng pakiramdam ko kapag down na down na ako.


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happy kid

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here are some photos of cardinal tagle during his talk about “Jesus’ love and Youth”. you can also click “Cardinal Tagle’s message to the youth” to watch the video of his speech.

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and here was where cardinal tagle doing the trendy “i heart you” signs. hahaha!

the new heart sign where we usually see on korean dramas
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the full hand heart sign.
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the i love you sign language.

— also, i have to thank these people who accompanied me from upper box to the vip section of the arena….and jumping, dancing and praising with me.

R-L: Me. Angela.Jomar. Aaron. Rowell. Jon. Ristian.

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thank you and thank You! God bless you all! 


Hi 2017!

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I have no plans on doing the 2016 review since nothing good happened to me last or sadyang mas nangingibabaw lang ang hindi maganda.. but I have to say na madami naman din nangyaring maganda sa buhay ko last year…pero going back what I mentioned, I have no plans on writing them, pero I’ll be sharing few of my emotions and reactions towards those things.

2016 came so fast, and now we are in 2017.

I am definitely ready for 2017. I received a planner from a review center we invited last month and bought one that I have been planning to buy since last November.

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Planning wasn’t really part of my personality. I just want to do things ng biglaan, pero I realized how this world works – how the corporate and professional world does not do o umaasa sa mga biglaang events, everything should be planned,  everything should be scheduled (2-3 months  before the activity-project-event).


So as a student, or should I say..soon to be an employee, I should start the art of planning since not all preparations can be done overnight, or a day or two, ‘di ba? Haha!

I listed 3 goals for 2017. Yes 3 goals. Last year, I listed 20+ goals, unfortunately, I only completed half of them because of the tragedy that happened (I have no intention on blaming the situation, sorry). So this year, I am planning to focus on my main 3 goals and walk towards the right path at hindi yung paiba-iba.

I also listed 5 resolutions that I wanted to change for the better of myself. Along with my goals I won’t be saying nor sharing them to other people because I watched talks that says “show it not say it”. So for this year, my  goal would be to let my goals speak for itself not my blabby mouth.

I hope that everyone would have a fruitful and healthy 2017.
Focus on doing, not planning and saying.
Stick to your plans, and always choose your priorities. 



Presence not Presents


“People appreciate someones’s presence through their absence”

I was washing the dishes when I thought about this statement. And it’s a genuine truth. Everyone in this world often abuse or took advantage of someone’s presence without appreciating or showing their importance to your life. And long after they’re gone, we show everything related to regret.

It’s sad when I tried to reflect on that statement. It made me think of how I took granted my mother’s presence back when she was alive.

“hawakan mo sya ng ganito, para mukhang bagets”

But hey, I was able to show my love to her kahit na kulang, at hindi parin sapat dahil hindi pa ako nakakagraduate at nakakapagtrabaho.

Shoutout to December 25!



I recently posted a photo in instagram where I tried to tell a few of my friends to not greet me on my birthday this coming 25. Yes, my birthday is on Christmas. A lot has happened this year and I do not think I am capable of celebrating my own birthday. I know this is those typical stories you see online or on tv, but let me clear it out that I am not doing this one for attention or pity.

I just don’t portray that I am fully happy with my life right now. To be honest, I am not happy with my life, pinapakita ko lang sa lahat na masaya at positive aura ko because I don’t want my friends to worry or someone to ask me if I am doing okay. I am not okay. I am not good. I am not strong. But I am functioning. I have the courage to face it and hide it all in.

i am lost

I have never found myself. Never. And today, I noticed how fucking lost I really am right now. I have my goals with me, but I still am lost. I no more have a sense of direction. I no more have a clear insight about the end of this path. I no more have a yellow path to guide me, like the wizard of Oz. All I have now is nothing. No Thing. Just the broad and wide description of lost.

I am not that person where I go to certain places just to find myself. No! I am not that. I meditate, just to know and recognize the whole and raw me.

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Distance and Friendship

“True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.”

I found this quotation in Google, and it made me think of the friends I had across the country.

I am trying not to make this cheesy para sa mga kaibigan ko.

I don’t know why but recently, I found myself missing them. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero I had an urge to call them on Facebook and need to do some catching up. I am not a clingy person, or a very “kamustahin” type of a person. I don’t do, ‘How are you? Are you doing great there?’. I have minimal interaction with my friends abroad.

Pero sabi ko nga, I found myself calling them-talking to them-laughing with them-and ranting to them. Because that’s how real friendship works (to me). We share stories about us and what happened to our surroundings, and they share their stories and their reactions towards them.

Some calls were a little bit dead, because we couldn’t think of stories to tell or maybe because the other person is currently busy doing something – but I appreciate that. I appreciate that we are talking to each other kahit na medyo patay ang usapan or hindi masyadong mabilis makapag isip ng paguusapan. It’s the call that matters- it’s the friendship within the call that matters – it’s the concern within the friendship that matters.


I talked to my bestfriend, pero we don’t call ourselves bestfriends because we think it’s a little bit cheesy at dahil hindi namin kailangan ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na magbestfriend kami. Anyways, her camera was not on mainly because she’s doing her workout that time. Yes, she’s in the gym working her butt off – getting that Kim Kardashian or Girls’ Generation sexy look. But we still managed to talked to each other kahit na pahinga hinga siya ng pagsasalita. And I appreciate that.

I am hoping to see her soon, and tell her the stories personally. Hahaha!


I/We also had a chance to talked to Ate Jillian and her husband about the problems we are facing. We did some catching up to do, but mainly it’s about the community’s sake. I found this call very thoughtful dahil sa mga natutunan ko hindi lang para sa community (Antioch Community) pero para din sa sarili ko. I always enjoy interacting with grown ups because of the maturity level they are portraying and the learnings in their words.

Ate Jillian has been one of mentors in the community – hindi niya lang alam. But she definitely helped me become who I am today: Passionate, High Dreamer and Positive Seeker.


I also talked to Corin. Obviously, she does not know I took this photo. Hahaha!

Sasabihin ko lang, this girl is one year younger than me but she helped me built my personality. I see her as a very strong woman. She can stand on her own, in short independent. She has a very firm decisions in life. At sobrang mature niyang tao. I cannot merely described her personality pero alam ko kahit papaano may tama sa mga pagkakadescribe ko sa kanya.

Corin and her sister, Keara, also helped me become the person I am today. They pushed me to the stage where I need to change my perspectives in life – at hindi pakpop kpop langAlam kong hindi nila ako papaniwalaan kapag nabasa nila ito but that’s how I reacted to their  personality. They helped me in a way that everything in life should be decided in a mature way, kahit na bata ka pa.

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Thoughts from the Notes: Living with STANDARDS

I am a guy who has a high standards in life – person. Yes. HIGH standards. And it somehow resurface a person’s personality.

Few friends kept on telling me to lower my standards because we live a world of no perfections. Yes, perfection doesn’t exist in this world but that doesn’t mean that I need to lower my standards because of that subjective definition of perfection.
Perfection has different meanings depending on which people and their thoughts. Some see perfection on simple things, others see it as the a grand something of something in this world.

Perfection and standards will never be, take not: WILL NEVER BE, the same! Perfections is the quality of having no mistakes or errors, while standards lives in a world full of quality.

I have no intention of picking someone who is perfect with this and that. No! I just want a person who can live the life with quality and certain standards to live for.

Thoughts from the Notes

Seconds after waking up, I realized the process of changes in my life. Thoughts became sadder and sadder each day, ideas shifted from bright to dim, morals turned up-side-down and love became unexpressed.

The changes were deafening, blinding and uncontrollable. I no longer have control on my thoughts and actions. It’s like being controlled by something called rage, depression and insecurities. I was pulled downward by my perspectives in life. Then I begun…

Reflecting again. Meditating again. Relaxing myself again. I begun to see how I was before and how I am today. I began to see how life is too depending on that abstract feeling named “happiness”. I was to focused on achieving happiness that I forgot how life actually is.. I was too focused on striving for my goals that I misunderstand that..

Now I started to be aware of my actions, thoughts and words, reflected not only to what others see, but how I see my life. I started to redefine my life, re-live it. Living a life of few. Living a life of appreciation. And living a life of me.

This may seem too confusing but this is what I feel today. And hopefully, what I am going to feel on the following days.

May God bless me with the guidance He is giving everyone, and the blessings of knowledge, and eyes to see what is true and what is not.

Good day Ma’ams and Sirs. Thank you for sticking around.