Glory to God!!!! last saturday, my fellow church-mates and i attended a worship concert entitled "Relentless" at araneta coliseum. it was a fun, no. not just fun but overwhelmingly fun and blessed. kung hindi ako nagkakamali first year college pa lang, isa na sya sa mga goals ko in my adult life. and hindi ako nagsisisi na naghalf … Continue reading #RELENTLESS2017


Presence not Presents

  "People appreciate someones's presence through their absence" I was washing the dishes when I thought about this statement. And it's a genuine truth. Everyone in this world often abuse or took advantage of someone's presence without appreciating or showing their importance to your life. And long after they're gone, we show everything related to … Continue reading Presence not Presents

Thoughts from the Notes: Living with STANDARDS

I am a guy who has a high standards in life - person. Yes. HIGH standards. And it somehow resurface a person's personality. Few friends kept on telling me to lower my standards because we live a world of no perfections. Yes, perfection doesn't exist in this world but that doesn't mean that I need … Continue reading Thoughts from the Notes: Living with STANDARDS

Thoughts from the Notes

Seconds after waking up, I realized the process of changes in my life. Thoughts became sadder and sadder each day, ideas shifted from bright to dim, morals turned up-side-down and love became unexpressed. The changes were deafening, blinding and uncontrollable. I no longer have control on my thoughts and actions. It's like being controlled by … Continue reading Thoughts from the Notes