The Art of Exploring New


Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There’s always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammarEVERYTHING!

Our group went to La Salle Dasmarinas to attend the 7th Annual Research Colloquium. It was a one day event, with an almost 2 hour talk in the morning and presentation of theses in the afternoon.

Stuck with the event inside the university, we managed to tolerate our hunger for almost 5 hours since none of us haven’t got their breakfast yet, due to the early call time from our thesis adviser. We somehow got our lunch late from the organizers, which was a problem for us kase naman kami ang unang magpepresent. It was so awkward and humiliating, since we haven’t got time to practice our lines and our presentation at pinasabak kami agad pagpasok na pasok namin sa room. I, myself, forgot my scripted words in front of our fellow presenters so I had to laugh a little and proceed to my scrambled thoughts. Humiliating right? Haha!






But anyways, as first timers I personally think we did a fine job. Hindi siya yung iniimagine namin or ineexpect namin but I think the main point there is we confidently and courageously submitted and presented our thesis from other university. I think my group mates and I are looking forward to another presentation in the future. Ha-ha!


PAPJA 2017

This January 20-21, our school attended an event for all Psychology majors (minors) a.k.a PAPJA. It was our second time to attend this kind of event, and we somehow enjoyed our overall stay.


— of course I enjoyed PAPJA because of my so called “family” or the “sleepy heads” —





Part of the event was picking and attending a workshop on the second day. My friend and I attended a workshop about playback theatre, and it was an outstanding experience. Ms Joan Valbuena, our speaker, made us all do certain activities that was embarrassing at first, pero habang tumatagal okay na siyang gawin. 

can you see me? beside me is our speaker

— She was so confident about her knowledge; she knows what she was talking; she’s so passionate about her work (playback theatre). I like her, obvious ba? Haha! 

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Here are all the attendees of PAPJA 2017 (not naming them all):

all the fourth year Psychology students of LPU Cavite
3rd and 4th year Psychology students of LPU Cavite

There’s nothing much on this post. But I enjoyed the event. Too bad it’s our last time. Oh well, thank you!


Going to Venice Grand Canal Mall

Save moments, not money.

Right before school starts last week, my friends and I went on a trip to Taguig. We visited the famous Venice Grand Canal Mall, in which none of us haven’t stepped into. We were fascinate by the architecture of the place because of the similarities with Venice.

Going to the place wasn’t that difficult, or maybe it is? We don’t know. We first went to Alabang to eat Jollibee, dahil hindi pa kami nakakakain sa Jollibee at dahil hindi namin alam kung saan kami dadaan. We then took a grab taxi to take us there. We are not that comfortable with riding taxis and all, because of the issues and troubles people have been experiencing today. But the grab driver was nice. We didn’t talk much with him mainly because we are not that type of person at sadyang wala lang kami sa mood makipagusap nung mga oras na yon. But overall, he’s nice and accommodating.

We took endless of pictures in every spot. We tried changing the angle since everyone already done the same angle in every picture. And kahit sawang sawa na kaming magpicture, nagpipicture parin kami because every spot of the place is beautiful – close to perfection.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yey! Christmas!

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A little bit india-ny to me. Hahaha! But I love it. Thanks Lyka!

We rarely took pictures of us three because we’re more concern on taking our own pictures, and how lovely they can be our display pictures on social media or a picture with quotes on it (diba ang Jeje HAHAHA!)

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We ate on a restaurant named “Rice&Dough” in which the foods was delicious, but our tummies – and wallet – couldn’t take all our orders so we had to packed our ordered pizza home.

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We definitely entertained ourselves with this mini-adventure, and we are looking forward to going back to this place with more companion. Hahaha.

And by the way, this place is much more beautiful in the evening.


I could stay here forever and listen to some classical music. 

Run for Refreshment

Don’t take the title literally okay?


Last week, my friends and I participated on a scholarship fun run. It was new to me since I don’t rarely join to this kind of event, especially when I know that it’s going to be jam packed with people.

Anyway, I included myself with this fun run to help the students who are in need of money for their education, to referesh my life from all the happenings – I want healthy distractions from the stress of school works, and sadness from my mother’s death, and to free myself from the limitations and restrictions I set to myself.

After the run, I realized some things about myself. It was frustrating that I have to undergo that kind of treatment just to realize something, yet. YET. FULFILLING!




(Most of the photos were not mine, so credits to Kenneth Espineli)

AP Tragedy

Living inside a four corner wall was the most boring and dead part of my life. I’ve never imagined myself lying on bed, injected with an apparatus that provides the nutrition my body needs.

Back when I was a child, I always get jealous whenever my friends told their stories about their experiences inside the hospital, and them being confined. I was a healthy kid and no fever lasted more than a day. My mother has no health issues as I grow up.

But December 8, 2015 happened, and I spent 8 days of my life inside a four corner wall of the hospital – recovering, restricted, limited and hopeless.

During those times, time died and smile faded. I was trapped inside, miserable and lonely. I was wrong in choosing to distance myself from everyone I know. Life got harder – as well as my recovery. No friends to talk to, and no jokes to laugh to. All I’ve got is pillow to lie on and a blanket for warmth and coziness.

But I do not stand alone inside the dark corned room. I got my light beside me. I got my mother’s light beside me – willing to give her time and effort for me me. And my Father’s angels to guide me. 

AJ-Aggression Test

So I may have mentioned to you guys about the test construction my partner and I have been doing for the whole semester. Guess what? We finally finished it! All the caffeinated nights and working mornings are now over! We can totally take a rest and relax, read a good book and watch some series – which I love doing.

My partner looks good in this picture and I’m not. 😦 I ran back and forth for our project’s binding thing. That’s why 😦

There’s a story behind this picture: our professor didn’t want to take a picture with us because, she thought she’s too haggard for a picture, but we still forced her. Hahahaha