Glory to God!!!! last saturday, my fellow church-mates and i attended a worship concert entitled "Relentless" at araneta coliseum. it was a fun, no. not just fun but overwhelmingly fun and blessed. kung hindi ako nagkakamali first year college pa lang, isa na sya sa mga goals ko in my adult life. and hindi ako nagsisisi na naghalf … Continue reading #RELENTLESS2017


Final Term

It's that time again for Finals, but this time...it is really Final.  I'was truly a stressful month for us graduating students. We tried to managed our time to finish homework, study for exams and quizzes, do reports and especially, meet the deadlines for our major projects. Sobrang nakakastress kumilos ng kumilos para sa mga projects, kaya … Continue reading Final Term

The Art of Exploring New

Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There's always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammar... EVERYTHING! Our group … Continue reading The Art of Exploring New

Best Thesis Colloquium

"Do not settle for less, always aim for the best" This is the quotation I never forget to remind to myself when it comes school works or finishing something. I never and will never settle for less or to what other people say "okay na yan". I am never contented to that and never will … Continue reading Best Thesis Colloquium