or are we?

been thinking if we did it right?

i can see how we were raised and morally and spiritually formed well inside the antioch community. and i always wanted every new members of the community to be formed not in the same way, but with the same morals and commitment like we have until today.

are we doing it right? 

i don’t know if we are doing the right thing but i think  we are still focusing on our main objective as a community of God.

or are we?

to be honest, i no longer know the answers of this question. i no longer have a clear eye to see if what we are doing is still Godly or if they compliment His sacrifices.

i need answers. answers that will provide what my inner soul has been asking for years back.

are we still moving as a community that lives in His image or are we dictating the things and decision that will satisfy our hidden self-seeking power?

this. this is confusing. i no longer know the way, i no longer know where i am. how can this be so complicated, when in the eyes of other people, it seems to be an easy as pie.


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