it’s been so long since i posted something about myself in this blog. i planned to delete this blog months ago, but one friend told me not to. so, thank you friend!

a month. it took me a month to announce that i am officially an unemployed person. haha! nothing new happened after that, just few celebrations and out-of-town gala(s).

a few months ago, i was excited and thrilled to graduate and have a job that will support my wants and build my dreams…and now, i am in that phase where i am building something that i recently aspired to be – a psychometrician.

and it will take me a challenging journey to get that RPm (Registered Psychometrician) in my name. i might have to sacrifice some things that i am very much comfortable with on my everyday life.

like what thousands of authors wrote on their book “eye on the goal”, so, that is where i am looking at right now. haha!


i’ve been reading, reading and reading in the past few days. also i did some planning and reflecting because, to tell everyone the truth, this path is not an easy way to go to. BUT. there’s always a but – i enjoyed doing this kind of stuff. it may seem plastic, or not a usual thing to hear from someone, but i love reading and learning. i don’t know where i got that will and strength to say that i love…reading yes-alot of people loves to read, but learning? hmmm where did i got that something? haha!

learning something new and reviewing for a license is very much different in so many ways. 

that is why i am very much pressured-worried and excited at the same time. i don’t know what will happened after 4-5 months. will i pass the examination? or should i re-take it on the following year? the anxiety. THE ANXIETY!!! but i know, i know, i believe in myself. #ICANDOIT. i know that if i focus-refocus-concentrate on my goals and worked harder to learn…i know i can get that RPm.

it’s just that……

see, worrying again.

i am trying to balancing my time with – reviewing and reading books that will motivate me. so, no luck just prayers! 

and welcome to me! new me, blog me.


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