PAPJA 2017

This January 20-21, our school attended an event for all Psychology majors (minors) a.k.a PAPJA. It was our second time to attend this kind of event, and we somehow enjoyed our overall stay.


— of course I enjoyed PAPJA because of my so called “family” or the “sleepy heads” —





Part of the event was picking and attending a workshop on the second day. My friend and I attended a workshop about playback theatre, and it was an outstanding experience. Ms Joan Valbuena, our speaker, made us all do certain activities that was embarrassing at first, pero habang tumatagal okay na siyang gawin. 

can you see me? beside me is our speaker

— She was so confident about her knowledge; she knows what she was talking; she’s so passionate about her work (playback theatre). I like her, obvious ba? Haha! 

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Here are all the attendees of PAPJA 2017 (not naming them all):

all the fourth year Psychology students of LPU Cavite
3rd and 4th year Psychology students of LPU Cavite

There’s nothing much on this post. But I enjoyed the event. Too bad it’s our last time. Oh well, thank you!



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