Hi 2017!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I have no plans on doing the 2016 review since nothing good happened to me last or sadyang mas nangingibabaw lang ang hindi maganda.. but I have to say na madami naman din nangyaring maganda sa buhay ko last year…pero going back what I mentioned, I have no plans on writing them, pero I’ll be sharing few of my emotions and reactions towards those things.

2016 came so fast, and now we are in 2017.

I am definitely ready for 2017. I received a planner from a review center we invited last month and bought one that I have been planning to buy since last November.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Planning wasn’t really part of my personality. I just want to do things ng biglaan, pero I realized how this world works – how the corporate and professional world does not do o umaasa sa mga biglaang events, everything should be planned,  everything should be scheduled (2-3 months  before the activity-project-event).


So as a student, or should I say..soon to be an employee, I should start the art of planning since not all preparations can be done overnight, or a day or two, ‘di ba? Haha!

I listed 3 goals for 2017. Yes 3 goals. Last year, I listed 20+ goals, unfortunately, I only completed half of them because of the tragedy that happened (I have no intention on blaming the situation, sorry). So this year, I am planning to focus on my main 3 goals and walk towards the right path at hindi yung paiba-iba.

I also listed 5 resolutions that I wanted to change for the better of myself. Along with my goals I won’t be saying nor sharing them to other people because I watched talks that says “show it not say it”. So for this year, my  goal would be to let my goals speak for itself not my blabby mouth.

I hope that everyone would have a fruitful and healthy 2017.
Focus on doing, not planning and saying.
Stick to your plans, and always choose your priorities. 




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