New sets of music

I love listening to different kinds of music, mapa-pop man or rock/acoustics. But recently, I noticed na nagsasawa na ako sa set of music no pinapakinggan ko. I saw them pretty boring and out-of-my-real-league. So I discovered a set of music that we’re taking from indie movies and were discovered through YouTube recommendations.

  1. Swept Away by Alessandra de Rossi

I love her. I love how passionate she is with her music. Her music gives me different vibes – a relaxing vibe.

And she shares her music FREE. That’s right. FREE! You can go to her videos/YouTube page and click the link.

2. Walang Hanggan by QUEST

It was taken from the indie film “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa.” Not a fan of the movie, but I love the soundtracks tho. Haha! I love how emotional and at the same time, relaxing.

3. Tayo Lang Ang May Alam by Peryodiko

I found this video from the youtube recommending list, and I love it. It pushed me to finish my blog last night. Yey vid! Haha!

4. Up Dharma Down’s album

Not gonna link it. But I found UDD’s album that I haven’t listened to yet. Hehe.

5. Let Hope Rise – The Hillsong Movie Soundtrack

With all the things that happened, I also need some motivation from Him. I picked this album because it felt like safety.

I know this is kinda boring and weird, but these are the type of musics that I discovered to adore. I also love listening to theatre songs/albums and folk songs *cough* the weepies *cough*

Plus, I know I am a little bit late about the music pero music is universal and I can still listen to music from the 80s and not get judged about it right? Haha!


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