Welcome Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner, and I just wanna share how happy and excited I am for this day.

I often want to take hundred of pictures of all the decoration and lights there is on the streets and malls, pero pinipigilan ko lang sarili ko dahil I don’t want to be the weird person pero I know na I have a weird passion on Christmas. Maybe because I associate it with my childhood.

[Ed] I celebrated every Christmas with my cousins and titas and titos -when back in time-. Maybe, para sa lahat Christmas is about presents and gifts and money.. Pero my Christmas was about the presence of everyone in the family. [eD]

Unfortunately, some of precious people in family are gone kaya din siguro hindi ko maexpress fully the happiness and excitement that I am feeling for Christmas. But I have to keep up with life, or else I’ll be stuck for the rest of my life, di’ba?

Anyways, what are your plans this Christmas? I was planning to celebrate it alone in a cheap hotel and watch tons of Christmas movies kaso I am lacking of money ngayon, so ngayon..I am planning to celebrate it with my tita and my delicious (hopefully) self made food. Haha!

Glowing lights in the dark.

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