The Importance of Appreciating No one as your Companion


We sometimes feel lonely and alone. We tried to fight it by calling our friends and telling them to drop by your house or hangout with you on your favorite coffeeshop. But sometimes, we need to face the state of being alone. We need to get our shits together and suck all the goodness in this state.

I know this is hard, mainly because of the people that surrounds and judges us pero wala silang pakialamKung wala kang pakialam sa mga tao sa paligid mo, isipin mo na wala rin silang pakialam. Itatak mo yan sa utak mo!

I like spending a lot of times with myself, and I find that very relaxing dahil hindi ako nasstress magisip ng paguusapan, at mas nakakapagfocus ako sa buhay ko. I’ve got a chance to think of my goals in life at kung ano ang mga priority ko ngayon. We mostly associate that being alone is being lonely, well that is wrong. Being alone is being away from dramatic people, sa mga taong walang tigil ang mga sinasabi tungkol sa ibang tao; and being alone is a secret of being relaxed. Siguro sa akin lang, pero try it yourself. Go to a quiet coffeeshop and read a book. It’ll be worth it. I promise!


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