Distance and Friendship

“True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.”

I found this quotation in Google, and it made me think of the friends I had across the country.

I am trying not to make this cheesy para sa mga kaibigan ko.

I don’t know why but recently, I found myself missing them. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero I had an urge to call them on Facebook and need to do some catching up. I am not a clingy person, or a very “kamustahin” type of a person. I don’t do, ‘How are you? Are you doing great there?’. I have minimal interaction with my friends abroad.

Pero sabi ko nga, I found myself calling them-talking to them-laughing with them-and ranting to them. Because that’s how real friendship works (to me). We share stories about us and what happened to our surroundings, and they share their stories and their reactions towards them.

Some calls were a little bit dead, because we couldn’t think of stories to tell or maybe because the other person is currently busy doing something – but I appreciate that. I appreciate that we are talking to each other kahit na medyo patay ang usapan or hindi masyadong mabilis makapag isip ng paguusapan. It’s the call that matters- it’s the friendship within the call that matters – it’s the concern within the friendship that matters.


I talked to my bestfriend, pero we don’t call ourselves bestfriends because we think it’s a little bit cheesy at dahil hindi namin kailangan ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na magbestfriend kami. Anyways, her camera was not on mainly because she’s doing her workout that time. Yes, she’s in the gym working her butt off – getting that Kim Kardashian or Girls’ Generation sexy look. But we still managed to talked to each other kahit na pahinga hinga siya ng pagsasalita. And I appreciate that.

I am hoping to see her soon, and tell her the stories personally. Hahaha!


I/We also had a chance to talked to Ate Jillian and her husband about the problems we are facing. We did some catching up to do, but mainly it’s about the community’s sake. I found this call very thoughtful dahil sa mga natutunan ko hindi lang para sa community (Antioch Community) pero para din sa sarili ko. I always enjoy interacting with grown ups because of the maturity level they are portraying and the learnings in their words.

Ate Jillian has been one of mentors in the community – hindi niya lang alam. But she definitely helped me become who I am today: Passionate, High Dreamer and Positive Seeker.


I also talked to Corin. Obviously, she does not know I took this photo. Hahaha!

Sasabihin ko lang, this girl is one year younger than me but she helped me built my personality. I see her as a very strong woman. She can stand on her own, in short independent. She has a very firm decisions in life. At sobrang mature niyang tao. I cannot merely described her personality pero alam ko kahit papaano may tama sa mga pagkakadescribe ko sa kanya.

Corin and her sister, Keara, also helped me become the person I am today. They pushed me to the stage where I need to change my perspectives in life – at hindi pakpop kpop langAlam kong hindi nila ako papaniwalaan kapag nabasa nila ito but that’s how I reacted to their  personality. They helped me in a way that everything in life should be decided in a mature way, kahit na bata ka pa.

Maniwala man kayo or hindi, I really love talking to these people. I love catching up with their stories and I love hearing their thoughts  and insights about my decisions. And I wish they are too with me. Hahaha! Pero sapat na ako sa naappreciate ko sila, because having them in life helped me become a better person at hindi yung mga “pagala galang at papost post na lang sa facebook ng kung ano ano at walang magawa sa buhay “na type ng tao.

Thank you with very mats love.


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