Thoughts from the Notes: Living with STANDARDS

I am a guy who has a high standards in life – person. Yes. HIGH standards. And it somehow resurface a person’s personality.

Few friends kept on telling me to lower my standards because we live a world of no perfections. Yes, perfection doesn’t exist in this world but that doesn’t mean that I need to lower my standards because of that subjective definition of perfection.
Perfection has different meanings depending on which people and their thoughts. Some see perfection on simple things, others see it as the a grand something of something in this world.

Perfection and standards will never be, take not: WILL NEVER BE, the same! Perfections is the quality of having no mistakes or errors, while standards lives in a world full of quality.

I have no intention of picking someone who is perfect with this and that. No! I just want a person who can live the life with quality and certain standards to live for.


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