Thoughts from the Notes

Seconds after waking up, I realized the process of changes in my life. Thoughts became sadder and sadder each day, ideas shifted from bright to dim, morals turned up-side-down and love became unexpressed.

The changes were deafening, blinding and uncontrollable. I no longer have control on my thoughts and actions. It’s like being controlled by something called rage, depression and insecurities. I was pulled downward by my perspectives in life. Then I begun…

Reflecting again. Meditating again. Relaxing myself again. I begun to see how I was before and how I am today. I began to see how life is too depending on that abstract feeling named “happiness”. I was to focused on achieving happiness that I forgot how life actually is.. I was too focused on striving for my goals that I misunderstand that..

Now I started to be aware of my actions, thoughts and words, reflected not only to what others see, but how I see my life. I started to redefine my life, re-live it. Living a life of few. Living a life of appreciation. And living a life of me.

This may seem too confusing but this is what I feel today. And hopefully, what I am going to feel on the following days.

May God bless me with the guidance He is giving everyone, and the blessings of knowledge, and eyes to see what is true and what is not.

Good day Ma’ams and Sirs. Thank you for sticking around.


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