Live your LIFE!

Everyone, including myself, should get-off the internet, get-off their beds – pick themselves up and live their dreams. It may sound so basic, but how can we argue when this statement stated the mere fact of reality.

This is one of those random realizations I get while staring at my phone as the lights slowly dim. Seeing myself inside the horrific world of the internet scares me. I don’t want to be that person who checks his phone for updates or  updates people on what I am doing at that specific moment, what food is on the top of my plate, who are the people I am with….etc. I just want to live in a world that is real and with less of the attention I need.

Recently, I permanently deleted my twitter account to keep myself away from tweeting unnecessary words and to publicize every thing about my life. Haha!

So… Goodluck with that!


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