Appreciate that, not this.

There are so many things in life that is in need of appreciation. Yet, we people tend to put so much appreciation and recognition to the things that are little in need of it.

Appreciation is one part of encouraging others, and telling them that they are doing well. Nowadays, life can be a little tough and challenging. And we need a pinch of compliment from the efforts we are exerting.

At this moment, I realized how I put so much appreciation on the things that doesn’t matter (at all). I was blinded by the rays of insensitivity and ignorance, and not noticed how there are so much more important things (people, events etc.) that needed a taste of appreciation.

How many times did I mentioned appreciation? Lol. 

So, have you ever thought of listing the things you appreciate every single day? Have you ever wonder if those things are really in need of appreciation? If not, try reflecting about it. You’ll be surprised how silly your appreciation list can be.

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