Time Machine

Older folks have been repeatedly telling me to fix my mother’s garments since no one will be wearing them anyway.

In pure honesty, whenever I open my mother’s cabinet and see her clothes…I always ended up sobbing. I get these thoughts of her wearing those specific clothes. I remembered one duster that she wore while cooking my favorite meal, which is menudo. I also remembered few dusters that she wore while cleaning the house…

Nostalgic right? Haha!

But something happened while I forcefully tried to fix her clothes….I stumbled on my graduation photos from High School. And guess what? I cried! (shocker) Hahahaha!

The sadness. The anxiety. The memories. All in one! It took me 30 minutes to get over the pain of not seeing your mother on your graduation day. Sad 😦

I miss my mother very very very (so so so) much. And I can’t wait to tell her all the stories that happened after her death, during my on-the-job training days and the problems inside the house. Haha!

So here are some of the graduation photos:

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