Gaga over Gaga!

I’ve been a Lady Gaga fan (or little monster) since I was in High School. I remembered defending her from my friends and telling them that Gaga did more good things than them. Hahahaha. And I remembered seeing their faces go blank as they shut their freaking mouths.

These past few years, Gaga has been showing her talents to the world. Her singing capabilities were spectacular. She proved that she can hit those notes at ease, while portraying the emotions of the songs.

But today, she just not showed her singing capabilities, but the quality and depth of her music.

Before the Kesha issue thing, she released this song “Til it Happens to You”, and honestly tears fell off my eyes. I ain’t no victim of sexual abuse, but as I was listening to the song, it felt like I am. Weird, right? Hahahahha.

Go and listen to Gaga’s Til it Happens to You, and experience the same feeling that I felt the first I heard it (or the thousand times I heard it). Hahahaha!


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