Psychology Says…

Mind readers, fortune tellers, weirdos – these are just some of the common misconception people think of students and professionals studying the world of the human mind. Psychology can sometimes be confusing but mind-blowing since you get unexpected results from different tests and experiments.

Psychology. Psychology is a SYSTEMATIC STUDY of HUMAN BEHAVIOR and MENTAL PROCESSES. People taking up Psychology NEITHER read minds (or thoughts) nor they tell the future, they observe and analyze the behavior you are portraying.


Psychology (and my professors) is indeed a great stepping stone to my existence. I discovered so much from it, starting from the reasons why people behave and think so differently from each other, to the strategies of applying every theories to our life. And I’m still not done yet on my academics! Ha!


credits: Janica Borreta
credits: Lara Langa

poster 23

Since I am on my 3rd year of college, a lot of things changed. Major subjects and projects came into our door, along with the stress and pressure my classmates and I have been facing. Hahaha! Nevertheless, we still managed to coped with them and accomplish every single project.


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