Best of 2015

2015 has been the most remarkable year of my life. Some were memorably good and some were horribly bad. But that’s how life is – good stuff and bad stuff happens.

Before the year ends, I was planning to blog the worst and best things that happened to me this year. After listing the worst scenarios , I realized that I was being pessimistic . I’ve been acting and saying like it’s the worst year of my life but to think of it, it’s actually one of the best! Yes, negative things happened like losing a phone or having an appendectomy, but that’s part of life! Life needs to be fair and to balance good from bad – vice versa.

Here’s what I realized and found out as I evaluate my year: it’s all about doing the things you love and gives you joy. I’m glad to be the person who looks on the bright side of life.  No one ever told me to be that person, but maybe it’s because of the people I encounter and having conversation with, or the idols I adore watching, or simply the ideal self that I wished to be.

Another one is choosing the companion you want to surround yourself. I’ve learned that living a good life depends on the people that surrounds you. If you have a pessimistic friend, that complains rather than appreciate things, then you might face a complicated life and encounter difficulty on your decisions. But if you got an encouraging friend, that motivates and inspires you with your goals and passion, then you’re on the right track my friend!

2015 has been a memorable year for me. It didn’t turn-out the way I wanted it to be, but so does the past years.

No doubt,  2016 will be a great (and stressful) year too. Happy New Year Everyone!! God Bless!

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