AP Tragedy

Living inside a four corner wall was the most boring and dead part of my life. I’ve never imagined myself lying on bed, injected with an apparatus that provides the nutrition my body needs.

Back when I was a child, I always get jealous whenever my friends told their stories about their experiences inside the hospital, and them being confined. I was a healthy kid and no fever lasted more than a day. My mother has no health issues as I grow up.

But December 8, 2015 happened, and I spent 8 days of my life inside a four corner wall of the hospital – recovering, restricted, limited and hopeless.

During those times, time died and smile faded. I was trapped inside, miserable and lonely. I was wrong in choosing to distance myself from everyone I know. Life got harder – as well as my recovery. No friends to talk to, and no jokes to laugh to. All I’ve got is pillow to lie on and a blanket for warmth and coziness.

But I do not stand alone inside the dark corned room. I got my light beside me. I got my mother’s light beside me – willing to give her time and effort for me me. And my Father’s angels to guide me. 


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