Semester break 

School starts next week and I’m still here enjoying my semester break with few of my friends.

I like traveling and stuff, but it seems that whenever summer or semester break starts my mood shift to enjoying the moment with friends and my family at home or somewhere in my hometown.

This semester break went by too fast. I caught-up with some of my friends that I haven’t talked to in a very long time – and the feeling was undescribable. I also played cards and talked some shitness with few of my friends. We hanged-out almost everyday just to do those things, and yes it was awesome.

This is us playing cards on our favorite coffee house in Naic.

My high school classmates and I attended Kaizz’s 18th birthday. We had a blast!

My fellow Antiocher and I during and after our annual sportfest. Hehehe

The feeling of having friends beside you is totally comforting and stress free. I like how our topics flew freely and how our reactions are less sensitive than before. I like how everyone started to get adult-ty, or mature. It’s just a great and new feeling and, I would like to feel it everyday.


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