Zoology Tour

Last Saturday, our class went to Avilon Zoo and Ocean Park for our zoology class tour. We met and held a different kind of species. Some were scary, some were disgusting to look at, some were astonishing and some were surprisingly cute. Hahaha!

It was a tiring yet a cool experience for us, because we rarely participate in this kind of tour. The last educational tour I went to was way back in High School. So when I heard this news, I felt nostalgic.

Here are some of the photos I/We took during the tour:

We got a chance to take a picture with this smart and sweet ape! Her name is Trixie, by the way!

I held different kinds of animals during the tour. Two animals were shown in the pictures above. The snake was pretty scary at first, but fun in the end. Thestingray was not, maybe because there’s someone holding it.

Me and my friend Lyka dipped our feet in this pool full of fishes, to which I don’t what is called. Sorry!

The tour was splendid. Our family (group of friends) spent the whole trip all together. This tour was worth putting into my scrapbook of happy memories.

– Jm Nazareno Endico


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