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I once dissected a frog way back in high school and we did it differently compared to what we did now. Back then, we used an alcohol to make the frog sleepy or something but based on what we have done yesterday, there we so alcohol…just pinning the frog’s hands and feet on the dissecting pan. That was kinda harsh but I guess that’s part of the updated science or the frog dissecting thingy.

I discovered new things that I did not see back then…and do you the best part in dissecting a frog? It was PEELING IT’S SKIN FROM IT’S BODY. Hell yeah!! sounded like a psycho right? lol

Frogs are part of those least animals that I DO NOT want to see outside of our house. They look scary and the felt so slimy. I just don’t want to be near them. Period! Hahahaha.



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