Always choose to be happy without being selfish.


There are certain realizations that a person can have while doing the things they want. One realization I made this week, was the moment I tried reporting in front of a camera, and it’s anxiety over success. There are times in life that you just want to do those goals you wanted and not mind what others may think of you. At that moment I felt that!! I felt happy and satisfied with my life. I didn’t think of others judgments or the mistakes I’ve done while speaking in front. Mistakes choose no one and everybody makes mistakes. It’s just I have the courage to show mine to everyone and bravely face them after.

My life is pretty damn hard this time of the year, because of all the projects and life problems I am facing but when I get a chance like this I certainly grab it. I hope you do too!

PS: Thank you for GMA News TV for letting our school be part of your yearly event. Hope to see you next time.


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