Touched souls

“How about trying something new?”

Last Sunday, my friends and I attended a mass (if that’s they call it), but this time it is not the mass we usually go to. My friends and I are Catholics and Amiel is a Born-again Christian, and there’s a difference between two religions like how Catholics do formal talks while Born-again Christian do it like having a conversation with someone.

On our way home, we decided to drop by to Amiel’s church, which is Faith Center Imus. Everything is new. The environment, the way of worshiping, the songs, the people but still worship and praise the same being, God and our Lord.

But the ONE NEW THING that striked me VERY VERY hard is the feelings I had during the mass. I felt everything. I felt joy, sadness and even  excitement (before and during the singing part,  and I even felt the tears fell while listening to the songs). I felt how passionate everyone can be with their faith, some or maybe brought notebooks to take some notes during the preach. I felt the love and comfort from everyone’s eyes. And I felt God, sitting beside me and letting me feel His holiness.

I know I sounded like someone who would convert his religion just because of those feelings, because I do. I felt it. Right after the mass, that suddenly popped out of my head. But I know I can’t, so I won’t. But I promised to myself and to my friends that I/we will go back to that church once a month. To experience everything even once a month.

It’s just so new, so comforting, and everything.


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