Busy September!

Hey, so I may have mentioned this before on my previous blogs, but I still going to mention it again.

I’ve been studying for how many years and I have not experienced this kind of stress before. All my life, I enjoyed everything what people and the environment can offer but this semester, I can’t even use my time freely without any consequences on our paper works.

So a lot of you may be familiar with projects on finals. Yup, you read it right, PROJECTS. Our teachers or professors (because I am a college student and I should use it BLAH BLAH BLAH) gave us projects to manage for the whole semester last June 2015. But because of procrastination, here we are now..cramming. Hahahaha!

Our projects are not just projects that you can research on the internet and huzzah! Hello 90 or 100! It’s a lot more than you could think of. Our projects consist of constructing a test (like an IQ test, but it’s not), research paper and making or developing a psychological theory (what’s so ever). And it’s September!! We’re supposed to be getting ready for our Final Drafts today or this week, but here we are….. HAHA!

But here’s the fun part, my friend Justine, who basically is our driver for that day, took us to different places just to gather books, articles, unpublished or published thesis and any other references we could think of. We also used our spare time doing our introduction and review of related literature on different house (Justine’s and Amiel’s) and maximized all the time, even the night 😦 But we had an awesome night and day with them and their family.

Here are the photos we had during the road trip and the overnights.


Thank you guys!!

-Jm Nazareno Endico


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