A path of realizations. 

Hi! It is 10 in the evening and I have no plans on sleeping early tonight.

I’ve been thinking about myself lately. I am not talking about my appearance or any random stuff about myself, but on how I express my feelings and thoughts to others. As I walk the hallway of life, I realized that I changed. The good JM before, is not the JM today. I know some people knew me as a kind, forgiving and any other good qualiies thatI have in the past. Yes the past. I didn’t intentionally change myself, life’s challenges changed me.

BUT, during those changes I realized the bad sides or the cons part of the chart. I caught myself talking insentively, saying profanities, acting so selfish and more importantly holding grudges and hatred to the people I care about.

FYI. My mother is a good person; she taught me the qualities a good person should posses but environment just happened. And my mother also taught me to apologize when I did something wrong..

So to those people I hurt physically and verball…I am sorry.

Thank you and Goodnight.


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