Writing became a part of my life. I tend to focus on my ideas, my feelings and my thoughts and try to put them into words. For some people, writing gives so much stress because of the content it must contain. And honestly, I am still part of those “some people”. Thinking of how I can convert my thoughts and feelings into words to which everyone can easily understand and acknowledged.

*cough* blogging *cough*

When it comes to blogging, thinking of something to post is a real struggle. And I guess that is the main point why I hate blogging from the very beginning. Blogging comes in many and kinds (cooking, personal, photoblogs) and I personally think that I do not fit into any of those stuff. Then my friend, Corin explained to me how blogging goes. “Just write about your thoughts about a certain subject, your past experience and some other things about it” she said.

My first blog is sones021.tumblr.com. Yes, Tumblr! I put all of my life stuff like my first climb, my silly photographs and even my rants about life, friends and even love. And I also met a few great friends. But recently, I deleted that I account due to that relentless feeling that I kept on feeling whenever I open my Tumblr account (in the past). But that didn’t stop me from expressing myself in a public manner (Hahaha) so I created blog-spot and blogged there but after a few months I shut it down then made this. Hahahaha

I know I am not professional at writing nor blogging, but I found my happiness at doing it. And that thought made or should I say is making me strive for knowledge. Reading novels, blogs and articles have never been my hobby nor part of my daily life, but now look at those people who made me sign their bookworm section (and the NGBT section too) on their Bingo cards. Hahaha

Those are the things I or a person needed to gain knowledge about writing, oh and some research too. Reading improved my vocabulary skills along with my grammar whenever I am constructing a new blog pos.

So…I am encouraging you to write not for compliments, but for your own happiness and your own improvement. And DO NOT mind the people who will judge, you’re not born to please others. Everyone is going to judge you so might as well BE YOURSELF AND DO THE THINGS YOU LIKE. Right?

– Jm Nazareno Endico


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