SELF: A Present from Yesterday


A child stared blankly to express,
In a world full of pain and success,
Backward this poem will be,
With this child whom I called “me”.

At the past, I see me with chain,
As me’s mother cried in vain,
For the father me know nothing, no doubt,
As a baby, me cry seems to shout,
Like a despair that wants to come out.

Year passed and people seemed forgotten,
The memories that haunted them back then,
“Me” wondered with a stick,
Friends came and gave him a brick
A defense for any back-stabbing friend trick.

Me started to had fun with friends,
But some were destined to go and end,
Yet few stayed and became so bold,
Like the best friend that “me” have across the world,

At Illinois she came,
With an everlasting friendship flame,
And others who “me” love the same,
Will stay with me, no blame.

Likes and dislikes they know “me’s” well,
Coffees, Pugs, Red and songs by Adele,
Biochemistry and Cinnamon Oh I hate those, don’t tell,
Not to mention – impatient, injustice and bragging, crap I’ll yell

Me’s dreams are like reaching a star,
Hard it is, ‘cuz me knows it’s very far,
Oh, and that includes a lot of war,
And tons of searching like a hidden jar.

Screw those and focus on the experience,
Me knows all only care about the appearance,
But they don’t know about “me’s” whole existence.
All the pain, the disappointments and tears improved me’s brilliance,
And it all made the difference.

But me will not forget the joy, the haha’s and love,
They all make everything balance,
Thanks to the God up above,
For bringing peace that symbolizes a dove.

This poem is near to its end,
I hope you enjoyed listening, my friend,
Me as Jm I hope I didn’t offend
Because I just want to blend,
The end.


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