Stress in every beginning…

So summer is over and it’s time to go back to school and studying. Thank you summer for those wonderful time!

Our first day at school went really sticky and sweaty. The school’s air-condition is working so low that it feels like the school had been frying us every class. The heat really got us down, that we don’t have any energy left so talk or to catch up.

As usual in every first day, we need to introduce ourselves in front of the class. To energize things up, Justine and I used our second names as our nickname, Justine as “Pia” and me as “Emmanuel” then everybody started to laugh when they hear us introduce ourselves to them. Hahahaha

Nothing really happened that day; homework was given on our first day and that boosted everything (sarcasm) Hahahaha

Oh, and I didn’t want to have a boring and plain first day so I spiced it up a little. Try watching the video below if you want to know what I did… Hahahaha!


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