2015’s summer vacation passed and I think I had a lot fun spending it with my friends, close ones and new ones. I talked to my old friends and did some catching up since we haven’t talked for a long time. I also hanged-out with some of my closest friends and with my new found friends and eventually turned into a daily hangout. Very often we stayed at the beach and stare at the stars and share facts about scientific things like mermaids, heavenly bodies, the currents/oceans, the wind and some facts about us, homo sapiens. And sometimes we stayed in someone’s home and play cards (UNO) or watched movies

Here are some of the people that I spent my vacation with and short caption about them…

11350395_1100909479923752_2089449957_n 11335683_1100909453257088_261112746_nThese are the people I spent half of my summer vacation. As I have mentioned, we stayed at the beach ‘till 9pm, watched movies and played card games. And I’m going to miss those daily hangout. Hahaha

11335782_1100910399923660_1368393171_nShort history about Keara, she went to the US two years ago and came back to study here. So Keara and I went to SM Bacoor to buy school things and I am glad that we did that. We talked and laughed a lot that day. 11329604_1100909483257085_2041403441_n#TeamHugot Our group name came from the hugot lines (Hugot lines are the lines where there is a huge connection with love or being broken) last year we spent our sembreak together, everyday hanging out then busy schedule came but nowTADA!!10638073_1100909519923748_787409779_nWe are now an official voter! Hooray.

10409146_1095571910457509_7969389836597905152_n  I also spent my vacation with my Batch in Antioch. #Batch410438317_1083464275001606_7909692764191543594_nOur morning jogs really did something…

11182040_1113318752018681_8402807708170496904_nI also spent my summer vacation with my high school classmates, sorry, but I only have a few photos of us together in one picture. This photo belongs to Sam (the blonde hair dude). Thanks!11214109_1091106660904034_8668747554624356192_nAntioch!!! I spent a lot of time with them – Weekend Seminar, Prayer Meetings, Farewell parties, Hangouts…that all happened with them and I am so #blessed to feel and experience those kind of things.

Right before summer starts, I set some goals and few standards about this year’s vacation.Expecting something to happen is disappointing and painful, but it’s our choice to accept that they were not meant to happen or stay at home, listen to sad music and grieve with your pillow. I honestly stayed home and grieve with my pillow when we Batangas gateway was cancelled due to the weather conditions, but I did what I have to do, I got up from my bed and connected with my friends. Life is always based on what choice we are going to make, so stop doing anything and think about what choice to make because everything in our life is because of that choice.


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