Before I proceed to my point in this blog post, I would like to thank my Bestfriend (Abiela Cayas) and her sister (Beatrice Cayas) for giving me this inspiring mug. I am genuinely inspired every time I drink a coffee every morning.

Recently, one of my friends have chatted me on Facebook and told me about her worries. Those were my worries two years ago, so I helped her and even if haven’t been part of my worries..I will help her.

Paranoia, anxiety and peer pressure – those were her worries and I would love to help her. There’s nothing else to do but to encourage and inspire her. I told her my experiences about being a leader and she definitely accepts them, and I am hoping to see those words into better actions. I want her to grow up, like the way I grew during my leader times.

So you’re asking me “how is it connected to the mug?” Welllife is being too hard on me (I think) and I got a lot of expectations in my hands.. like the people who can comfort me when I need them, people who will exceed my expectations (as a friend) and people who will help me grow or will grow with me, emotionally and mentally. Those are some of my expectations, but SCREW YOU EXPECTATIONS!! So, Gandhi got me doing those expectations that I want. I am doing what I need and I do hope and pray that someday, a lot of persons will do the same for me and for somebody else. Hehehe!


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