Notebooks to other stuff

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share with you guys my passion about these lovely things. As you have read in my previous blog post, I owned 3 notebooks and bought 2 last February. Well guys, here’s a surpriseI bought a new one and it says “Chill (means relax”) on the cover, which is what I like to say whenever someone’s angry or when the situation is getting out of hand.

You must be wondering what am I writing in those notebooks. To tell you guys, my friend asked me last night the same question and I answered, “random stuff”. I think that’s the correct answer because I use my notebooks for my thoughts, for the new words that I heard from someone or read from books, my rants about life, my goals, my reflections and any other stuff.

But that’s awesome notebook that, is a different one. Do you guys want to see what I wrote in the first two pages? Let me show you guys…

10 Commandments of the Lord’s God
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Last night, I searched on YouTube on how to be a nice person. The first video that showed up is a man being interrogated about God’s 10 Commandments, which he hadn’t followed. If you’re interested to know the video: click here.

Going back to the topic, I searched on YouTube and found that video. It hit me, I made me feel that I don’t need or all of us doesn’t need any advice from people on how to be nice. We should just follow the 10 Commandments and read the Bible, because all of the good things that we are seeing and experiencing today came from the Holy Book and the people who read it. So, I am encouraging everyone of you guys to read the Bible, even for 15 minutes a day.

So notebooks… You may be thinking that I’m unfair of only talking about the notebook and that little writing pad in the picture. Jm what about the wall decor (something that you call it) and stickers, well, I bought the wall decor to remind myself every morning I wake to be kind to everyone else, because they need it and I need it too. And I find the stickers, attractive. That’s just it! Hahaha 🙂

I hope I enlighten you. Read the Bible and Be kind to another!


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