Reminiscing in the dark


A week ago, the Antiochers and I were having our weekly Prayer Meeting when suddenly a blackout occurred. Obviously it was dark yet hot night. Almost everyone opened their flashlights using their phones, but some phones remained unlit because of how much the battery consumes when the flashlight is on.

That blackout isn’t my first time while having our Prayer meeting, compared to what happened recently, our first blackout during our Prayer Meeting was a memorable one. It was during the talk of Ate Jade and that talk was SOOOO en-lighting. I learned a lot from all those topics that everyone shared in that very moment. To give you guys a little hint about what was the talk about — it was about Insecurities (if I remembered it correctly). I shared mine, and that made me cry.

To be honest, I was expecting something like that to happen again, but it didn’t. Everyone’s being so hasty that almost everyone wants to go home early. And all the solemness, the quietness and the moment of being open is wasted.

I like to talk about problems and feelings. I want to share mine and them to share theirs. I want to give some advice and to accept some too.

You see guys…I believe whenever we help others, we are helping ourselves too — spiritually and emotionally. Do feel that feeling of “being less empty” whenever you help others? Well..that’s what I felt whenever I open my arms to others. You should too guys!


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