Bad Joke!

webmd_rm_photo_of_seizure_illustrationJust wanted to tell how people nowadays make fun of being epileptic, they acted like they are having a seizure and making it a joke. You know what’s funny about that? NOTHING!

I never tell this information to my friends, but I am going to tell it to you guys. I have an epileptic aunt and I can totally see in her eyes that’s she’s been suffering from not only from the seizure but also from the medications.

I really want her to recover from epilepsy, but I searched over the internet a hundred times and the only thing I got is on how I can lessen the attacks but not make it disappear. You see, it’s a bad joke and should never be part of joke and neither does the other sickness like cancers, Alzheimer and other serious sickness in this earth.

So people, if you know someone who likes to joke around these kinds of sickness..make them shut their freaking mouth. A person should not use a serious sickness which has been making a lot of people suffer a joke.

And if you know someone who has it too, here are some tips or aids that I found from the Mr. Google πŸ™‚



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