Oh, Rain….Rain…


First rain for this month. Yey!

Everyone of you must be wondering why do I make this kind of something a big deal. Well, for us Filipinos, the first rain of May is the most blessed rain of all. Sorry, but I don’t know anything about that, but that’s what my Mom told me when I was a kid.

Hours before the rain comes falling from the sky, I was crying my eyes out. Too much depression got me. HAHA! But this rain didn’t give me the sadness it is meant for, but it gave me so much happiness due to the heat we Filipinos are experiencing this summer and the kids playing under the pouring rain minutes after the rain began falling. Those happiness, those joys and those loud laughs that I witnessed, they all reminded me of my childhood days. Hahaha! It was a cool and memorable experience.

That’s it for now, I just want to share with you guys this crazy, but happy feeling I am feeling for this rain.


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