Antioch Weekend Seminar 2015


Antioch is not just an organization where you can sign-up then you’re in, no. To become a part of the Antioch community, a person (teen or adult) must undergo a 3 days weekend formation, where we introduce Jesus Christ and God to them, we offer more information about Him through talks and fun activities, and serve them like how our Lord served us.

Our four leaders handled and well-managed this year’s weekend formation. They formed the 7th batch with the help of the whole team themselves. Everything went well and no weather issues, which is the typical problem during weekends.

So….I am no longer going say any information about the weekend formation, because some activities should remain a hidden from non-Antiochers. Hehe

11174801_1586324268311829_8296850362647710274_n11069595_1586323844978538_8712307069804532287_n11127478_1586324088311847_7093784160902748940_nCredits to Ayessa Mae Romano for the pictures.


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