capture-20150420-111951It’s funny how people can be too judgmental on physical appearance. They tend to forget their on flaws and disabilities, and focuses on others. They acted like they are perfect and they have no problem about themselves and their appearance.

I’ve seen a lot of pictures and articles on the internet that has too much “judgments” on persons in the picture. It made me so mad that almost everyone are being so insensitive about the other person, they judge him/her that easily and forget the feelings of the other person. I’ve seen too many comments that are rude and impolite. And I hate it! I saw this picture on twitter, right before it went viral and then, few hours after…..

men with mencapture-20150420-112716Know the reason why this photo went viral?! Simply because, people are too judgmental. They criticize the other person because of their insecurities and lack of confidence. They just can’t be happy for the two persons in the photo due to their selfishness.

Another photo I saw on Facebook is this picture, I don’t know anything about it but I know that it will be too offending for the girl in the photo.


Then someone made a page at Facebook by using her photo -_-

capture-20150420-113816Recently, Jessica Soho and her team found and interviewed her. Some of the viewers, who insulted here, were enlighten because of her smartness and acceptance of what happened. If you want to watch the video of Jessica Soho’s interview with “MS. NENE” just click this —> I can’t find the official video of the interview so let’s stick first with the video I saw on facebook, don’t worry, I’ll change it as soon as I see video.

See, how judgmental people are? I do hope that those kind of things will change for the sake of everyone’s feelings.


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