Hey there everyone!

Recently, I suffered from so much depression due to personal problems. I cried a lot every night and sometimes during the day. I stopped talking talking to my friends, deleted my twitter application and I even deactivate my Facebook account.

Last night, everything came to me. All those problems, they all dragged me down. I cried for almost an hour and a half, then suddenly something inspiring popped-out in my mind. I thought of why am I letting those problems pull me away from the light. I mean, those problems are just temporary and if I stay away from them or let go of those problems, my life would be easier.

So I searched my favorite v-logger on YouTube, her name is Collen Ballinger. She has this v-log, where she is talking about positivity. The plant and dirt thing in the video, enlightened me. That is why I need to get up from the -bed-of-depression and walk to the -valley-of-positivity.

Here’s the video if you are curious about here:


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