Best thing!!


One of the things I love in this world is, COFFEE! Coffee gives me so much comfort every time I drink one. It gives me this feeling of satisfaction that I need every-single-day. And it provides  me the happiness I am expecting every morning.

This summer, I’ve been thinking of ways on how I can improve myself, as a human being, as a mammal, as a friend, as a son and as a Christian. All those nights of thinking of how can I grow, gave me so much stress, and that is not my only problem.

“Is it coffee alone you want?” someone asked. No, I also need a friend who will accompany me with a coffee and talk about experiences, feelings or jokes. That’s one of the best thing that will happen to me.


Let me tell you a story about the photo above. It was Monday morning and I got so stressed-out on our Biochemistry Subject because that time, we had to report in front of the class and our group have none, WE HAVE NOTHING TO REPORT, NO SLIDES AND STOCKED INFORMATION IN OUR HEADS. I got so mad at my group and left them hanging, then went to Starbucks to relax, to free my mind from all those stress and to comfort myself with a frappe and some pastries. Oh, I forgot to mention that I went to Starbucks with my friend, she asked me about my problems and she opened her problems too.

It was one way to loosen up everything that’s been bugging us for months. And after that, we went back to school and acted like nothing happened.

You see, a cup of coffee or frappe plus a friend can bring an awesome taste to your day. Try it!


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