Summer 2015


Summer came fast and I haven’t think of things I would like to do this summer. I want a productive and fun summer. How can I have a productive and fun summer you ask? Well, I set some goals that I want for this year’s summer and some of them are indeed sure to happen. Here are some of my goals for Summer 2015.

  1. To have a summer job. Yet mother won’t let me because, she thinks that the salary I will get from that job will be my priority over my studies. Sounds reasonable right? Haha!
  2. To read a lot of books. Since I will be having a lot of free time, might as well spend it with books. I like to read fictions, non-fictions, educational and inspiration kind of books.
  3. To get along with old friends. Since I am too busy at my school projects, and some personal stuffs and I haven’t talk to some of my friends, so for this summer, I am going to spend more time with them.
  4. To watch movies and series. I love to watch movies and series, as well. I really want to watch many movies and series, considering that the last series I watched is Avatar: Legend of Korra and the current episode of The Walking Dead which will end next Monday.
  5. To experience beach vacation. I have never experience a beach vacation, so I am planning to do lay down in the sand this summer. Me and my friends planned a beach vacation this April and I am hoping that it will happen.
  6. To jog. I am planning to jog every morning or four times a week. Healthy living!!! Hahaha!
  7. To reflect and change. I have several attitudes that I hate so much about myself and I want to change them. I know changing an behavior is long process, that is why I am using this time to reflect and change myself for the better.
  8. Go to Antioch Weekend Seminars! ❀
Antioch! ❀

I’ll make sure that those plans will be a story to tell to everyone. Haha! Good luck to my plans and to yours too! πŸ™‚


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