My very first!


I have a list things that I want to do in my life, and donating my blood is part of those things.

Last year, our school organized a blood donation campaign and I cannot participate since I’m still a minor. Luckily, our school made it an annual activity that gave me a chance to donate this year cuz’ I eighteen now.

Our school organized two separate days to donate blood. The first donation happened last February, which I got pulled-out from my friends because of the medication I took for my coughs and colds. It was really disappointing for me, because weeks before the donation I already told everyone that I’m going to donate my blood and that I was excited about it. I even skip my class just for that.

The second donation happened this March 13. I ate a lot of sweets and drunk a lot of cold beverages, and I’m kinda expecting for some colds or maybe sore-throat days before the donation but nothing happened. Faith? Maybe. Hahaha!

Honestly speaking, I was nervous during the donation. I was encouraged by the woman who pinned the needle inside me and she also took a picture with me. She’s such a sweet woman. Haha!

I am glad that I have done an action that I am proud of and totally worthy. I am very sure that my first time will never be my last.



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