Run for the Colors!


Proud Antiocher!

Short introduction about Antioch. Antioch is an religious organization that helps teenage people and adults to know more about Jesus and God, and to strengthen their faith more through different talks and activities during the 3 days seminar and prayer meetings every Saturday.

The Antioch community annually handle a fun run not only for the members to enjoy to but also for Non-Antiochers to feel the excitement and passion in running towards the goal. “Colors” have been our theme for two consecutive years. I don’t wanna talk much about myself in this event, because I’ve been busy with school projects and activities and only helped them on the last day of the run. Going back to our topic, this year’s fun run was fun and unforgettable.

The Antiochers really shown a great effort in making those colored powder, which was thrown to the participants: before, during and after the run. It took them two weeks in making those colored powder and few hours of throwing them. Haha!

And in the end, every efforts, time and money are totally worth it. I personally saw the smile in their faces with a little disappointments because they’ll miss making colored powder and spending a lot of time working on it, together.

So what’s the point of this blog post? I want to share my opinion about how smooth the fun run was managed, how productive my co-antiochers have been, and how committed they are, to the Antioch community. Job well done guys! 20507_1552136645063925_7116475164678225961_n


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