National Museum Escapade


One of my goals for this year is to do something new, go to somewhere new. receive something new and meet someone new. It may sounds like I don’t appreciate the old or present things I have today but NO, I love everything I have now. They all helped me to what I am before, and that’s what I appreciate about them. They helped me grow, and still helping me grow from better to best and worse to better.

Recently, me and my friends planned to go to the National Museum for our Humanities class because, our professor told us to make a term paper regarding to sculptures and architectures that we have tackled. Complications came in and the plan was almost cancelled, but luckily i didn’t.

It was all our first time, it was a though job commuting in Manila. We got lost but thanks to our ride, we arrived near to our destination, Rizal Park, safe and with an unforgettable experience. We walked, laugh and saw something very unusual to us. It was totally unforgettable. And few walks away, we arrived to the Museum, the first museum of our destination. I actually enjoyed reading the information beside every piece of art there is inside the museum while my classmates are busy finding a sculpture for their term paper. We all enjoyed the first museum for we stayed there for more than two hours.


Before going to the second museum, which is in front of the first museum, we decided to eat since it’s almost two when we got out. We are exhausted. We are hungry yet we waited for our friend since we don’t want her to wonder around and eat by herself. When we got to the second museum, the manager or staff told us that we only got an hour and a half. I didn’t saw every painting and sculpture which I am very disappointed for, luckily I saw some of the famous paintings like Juan Luna’s Spolarium and Felix Hidalgo’s Mga Dalagang Kristyano na Itinambad sa Nagkakagulong mga Tao (no picture) and some awesome architectures by great architects.Β  10961986_1025088457505855_1850977055_n10967933_1025088420839192_30224507_n10968105_1025088417505859_1165226370_nThere is this one piece of the museum that really caught my attention. I really don’t expect to see that there, even though I know that belongs there. Out of curiosity, I took a picture of it, tried writing it at home and searched more about it. What am I talking about? The ALIBATA. It is the ancient writing system of the Philippines before.


I really enjoyed our first trip together in Manila. I am looking forward for more exciting trips in the future and a stronger friendship. Hahaha!


Left to Right: Jm, Divine, Janix, Imp, Lyka, Lara, Amiel and Jude

10173689_1021687101179324_7315638080188924364_n 10929554_1021685254512842_842387682760683722_nI am accepting any feedback about my blog posts, it’s better tell someone their mistakes for an improvement. Hehehe πŸ™‚


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